Outlandish feat. Jackson Whalan


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This laid back electro-hip-hop single marks the very first release with Mama Crow and Jackson Whalan in collaboration together. The lyrical content of the song is focused around poking fun at the ego, the quality of human being that always wants to be noticed and always given attention, when reality time and time again will show us that we are all parts of a unified whole... Sometimes ego gets let down or irritated by the dissolution of duality... "Outlandish" is provocative of self-reflection and awareness, encouraging transformation and empowerment for the listener. This is a free musical gift you being brought to you. Look out for more songs by both Mama Crow and Jackson Whalan, this is the first of much more material they are working on as a duo.... This is a cosmic and creative union between two people who intend to uplift the world in their partnership, build a meta-bridge between the East and West coasts of the U.S., and to reach the whole world with a positive message. Letting the legacy begin now! Halloween 2013.


You can't stand it, not the center of attention
Your vibe's demanding, and you purpose in suspension
It's outlandish, this contrast and comparison
Control ain't candid, cuz it lacks love intention...

Verse 1:
You need to know about your ego, running in free flow!
If you sell your soul you better keep the receipt yo
Running in greed mode, watch you cycles repeat it gets deep yo
Watch the parodies and polarities
Equating self to celebrities ignoring spiritual entities
Instead counting enemies, missing countless remedies
Desire and lust, you get swept up in a wind gust as a must
Self importance... self-combust
Burning down your palaces, universe creating balances
And bringing challenges cuz it's harmonious and just
Pushing your buttons with a bucket I'm dumpin'
The grasshopper is jumping the beat is bumping pointing at something
Worth looking at, magically appearing like a rabbit from a hat
To shatter habit, transform a condition that is tragic
Watch the ego combat, enigmatically in a state of static sneaking around and reeking havoc


Non duality is endless
Sink into the formlessness of this iz-ness
This is the business interdependence inner witness
No need for vengeance
Representing the blessed interconnectedness of essence
leading us to exodus
Respecting the soul of humanity
and understanding everything is as it was planned to be


released October 31, 2013
Produced by Carmen Crow and Jackson Whalan
Mama Crow Music 2013
Recorded in West Stockbridge, MA
[Jackson rapped his verses in the nude/naked]



all rights reserved


MAMA CROW California

Carmen Crow aka MAMA CROW is a wild-hearted woman that dances and sings beauty into live creation.

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